Europe: Steeped in history and culture, Europe can be great for culture-vultures. But its sheer variety can mean it stretches to a myriad of different markets, to find out how you can sell Europe, take the courses below and start learning!

Europe: 5 courses


Where Wallace and Gromit led, Shaun the Sheep and a Growing Tourism Locally initiative has followed, boosting exposure for the home product and promoting new and exciting places.

Approx time: 2 hours

Holiday Extras

As we have been travel add-ons experts for 30 years, we wish to share our knowledge with agents. This course will give you the ability to sell add-ons and enhance your customers experiences.

Approx time: 2 hours


Renowned for its clean air, deep fjords, high mountains and friendly people, Norway is ideal for clients seeking nature based holidays and is becoming a popular choice for British travellers.

Approx time: 4 hours


Poland is an easily accessible and welcoming tourist destination  and offers a diverse range of cultural attractions, stunning scenery and fascinating history.

Approx time: 1 hours


This Tenerife Training Course will help you learn about the huge diversity of landscapes, ranging from dramatic volcanic formations to lush forests, and unique holiday experiences.

Points available
Approx time: 1 hours