Caribbean: The home of soul! Clients wanting to experience great food, wondrous beaches, fantastic night life and a laid-back attitude need look no further than the Caribbean. So what are you waiting for? Start learning and earning!

Caribbean: 13 courses

Anguilla - Anguilla Expert

The island, with its 33 pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters and world-class accommodation, is one of the most sought-after hideaways in the West Indies.    

Points available
Approx time: 2 hours

Antigua & Barbuda - Antigua & Barbuda training

The islands are perfectly located in the Eastern Caribbean, blessed with 365 beautiful white sand beaches, a rich choice of culture, history and scenery.

Approx time: 2 hours

Aruba - Aruba Academy

The island is steadily growing in popularity with UK holiday-makers, so there’s never been a better time to discover more about Aruba!

Approx time: 3 hours

Boucan - by Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat may be best known for its delicious chocolates and unique Tasting Club but did you know it also has its own fabulous boutique hotel - set amidst its own beautiful cocoa plantation in Saint Lucia.                                                

Approx time: 5 hours

Caribbean Travel Guru

The centre for all things Caribbean, the Caribbean Tourism Organization is your one stop shop for getting info on every destination within the region.

Approx time: 4 hours
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