Africa: A long trip from the Uk but well worth it! The region best known for its wildlife and culture, Africa can be a fantastic destination to sell to clients with a sense of adventure and a love for eco-tourism.

Africa: 5 courses


Botswana is well known for having some of the best wilderness and wildlife areas on the African continent. With a full 38% of its total land area devoted to national parks and reserves.

Approx time: 4 hours

Gambia - NEW!

All you need to know about Selling The Gambia

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Approx time: 4 hours


Kenya - no other country on earth can offer as much to see and do; with wild and rolling savannahs teaming with wildlife, imposing mountains and peaks, and pure white Indian Ocean beaches.

Approx time: 4 hours

Namibia - NEW!

This training programme introduces you to Namibia and simply allows you to Know It All about this unique African destination. From Canyons to Coasts, Deserts to Dunes, Namibia has it all.

Approx time: 4 hours


Tunisia offers 700 miles of sandy beaches, lapped by crystal-clear waters. It also boasts souks, spas, golf courses, watersports and waterparks, stunning Roman ruins and an unbelievably rich history.

Approx time: 4 hours