Experts will be rewarded


The Travel Uni Graduate Scheme has been built specifically for the needs of the travel industry and recognises agents for their training and booking activity. It offers them the opportunity to earn significant rewards on their way to becoming a Travel Uni Graduate.

The Scheme is designed to gradually build up knowledge and education on a destination or product over a longer period of time, with the ultimate goal of maximising expertise and generating more sales.

The Scheme enables agents to earn points throughout the year, These points all accumulate towards achieving ‘Graduate’ status.

In addition, Travel Uni will be offering prizes on a regular basis.  These could include iTunes and Amazon spend, chocolate, wine, hotel stays, trips and much more.

Points are awarded for completing training programmes (points awarded vary depending on size of programme), completing Selling Travel quizzes (1 point per quiz), logging bookings on My Booking Rewards via Travel Uni (1 point per booking), attending destination events (1 point per event) and recommending friends (1 point per new user).

Users who have successfully completed any of the Travel Uni training programmes will be able to download a certificate in PDF format, which he/she may print off and display.
By logging bookings with My Booking Rewards agents have even more chances to earn rewards.  My Booking Rewards run a very successful rewards programme and offers a variety of rewards based on bookings logged into their system.

To become a Travel Uni Graduate users must:
• Register with Travel Uni
• Recommend a friend to Travel Uni
• Learn from the resource of information on this website and within Selling Travel magazine
• Complete and Pass 10 of any of the Travel Uni training programmes
• Pass any 5 Spotlight Feature Quizzes from Selling Travel magazine
• Upload 10 Bookings – This is recorded in conjunction with
• Attend 1 approved BMI or Partner event

Currently, there are points available for Macao, Thailand and Tenerife training programmes plus Macao quick quizzes with plenty more to come in 2016 - offering even more ways for agents to earn points, win prizes and earn graduate status.

This rewarding way to train is the result of a partnership between Travel Uni, Selling Travel and My Booking Rewards.

Terms and Conditions apply.